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How did “Anything but a Backpack” get started?

“Anything but a Backpack” actually got started as a proposed solution to a severe problem. In September 2021, Jefferson School District 251 in Idaho banned backpacks after a gun was found in a 13-year-old middle school student’s backpack (it was the second gun-related incident at the school in the same year). Following the ban, students staged a tongue-in-cheek protest by bringing their books and materials in shopping carts, strollers, and ice chests. Superintendent Chad Martin said, “It was good to see the kids turning it into a positive thing.” The TikTok video went viral, and the hashtag #anythingbutabackpack was born.

“Anything but a Backpack” originated as a creative response to a pressing issue. In September 2021, the Jefferson School District 251 in Idaho implemented a backpack ban following the discovery of a gun in a 13-year-old student’s backpack. This incident marked the second gun-related occurrence at the school that year. In a lighthearted protest against the ban, students ingeniously carried their books and materials in shopping carts, strollers, and ice chests. Superintendent Chad Martin took an optimistic view, appreciating the students’ inventive approach to the situation. The TikTok video documenting the protest went viral, giving rise to the hashtag #anythingbutabackpack.

How can it work in my school?

Have you got a spirit week coming up? Designate one day as anything but a backpack day. You may need to set some parameters. Students need to make safe choices, and size may be an issue (“as long as you can carry/push/pull it and get it through the door” are reasonable expectations to set). But the best part is that students get to decide; anyone can do it. Let their creativity lead the way!

Planning for an upcoming spirit week? Consider dedicating a day to “Anything but a Backpack.” While it’s essential to establish specific guidelines for safety and practicality (such as ensuring items are manageable in size and can be transported through doors), the beauty of this day lies in giving students the freedom to decide. Encourage their creativity to take center stage – as long as they can carry, push, or pull it, the possibilities are wide open. It’s a chance for everyone to showcase their unique ideas and let creativity shine!

Non-backpack Ideas

Only question a teen’s craftiness once tasked to reinvent the backpack. As more schools discover the trend, more videos flood TikTok to show unique choices. For example, Guadalupe Rosales shared a video where they brought their school items in a trash can. Still, the video also highlighted some of their classmate’s non-backpacks, such as a kayak, a child’s jeep, and a wheelbarrow. And if those ideas aren’t enough, thousands of other videos feature their school’s participation and student’s efforts—type’ Anything But A Backpack’ in TikTok’s search bar to discover more.

Never underestimate the ingenuity of a teenager, especially when it comes to reinventing the traditional backpack. As the trend gains traction in more schools, TikTok becomes flooded with videos showcasing unique choices. Guadalupe Rosales, for instance, shared a video highlighting their school items transported in a trash can. The video not only featured their inventive solution but also showcased classmates using a variety of non-backpack alternatives, including a kayak, a child’s jeep, and even a wheelbarrow. And if those examples aren’t enough, a quick search for ‘Anything But A Backpack’ on TikTok unveils thousands of other videos illustrating schools’ participation and students’ creative efforts.

Anything But A Backpack Day is Celebrated During Spirit Week

You never know what’s going on in the minds of teenagers. Because of this, everyone has come up with different ways to carry their books. This list of ideas for anything but backpack day can get you excited to join the movement during Spirit Week. It can also be done with containers and carriers that aren’t being used but could be put to better use in this way. Let’s check them out. Shall we?

The enigmatic minds of teenagers often lead to diverse and imaginative solutions for carrying books. To infuse enthusiasm into your participation during spirit week’s “Anything but Backpack Day,” consider this list of creative ideas. You can explore unconventional containers and carriers that may be lying unused but could find a purpose in this inventive endeavor. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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