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What Exactly Is Jazzy Method?

It is a program that she designed specifically. Its primary purpose is to provide people with entertainment while they exercise. This method allows you to do bodyweight training while listening to music.

She has created a program with a distinct focus – one crafted specifically to offer entertainment during exercise. The primary objective is to blend physical activity seamlessly with enjoyment, enabling individuals to engage in bodyweight training while immersing themselves in music.

How Does Jazzy Distefano’s Instagram Look Like?

Jazzy Distefano’s Instagram is filled with selfies, fitness photos, pictures of her husband, and glamor shots.

Jazzy DiStefano’s Instagram account is brimming with a variety of content, featuring selfies, fitness snapshots, images capturing moments with her husband, and glamorous shots.

Chris Distefano and Jazzy Distefano first met at Place to Beach in


Chris Distefano and Jasmin Canuelas first met that year. Chris, who was 30 years old, had already established himself as a comedian after leaving his position as a paediatric physical therapist. Jazzy, on the other hand, was a Sunset Park Zumba instructor. The pair first met at the Coney Island bar Place to Beach, which is now closed. Jazzy initially had no appreciation for Chris’ capacity for having fun. Chris, though, made an effort to impress her by getting her drinks. After some time, they began dating and eventually moved in together in New York.

Chris Distefano and Jasmin Canuelas crossed paths that year. At 30 years old, Chris had already made a name for himself as a comedian, transitioning from his role as a pediatric physical therapist. Jazzy, on the other hand, worked as a Zumba instructor in Sunset Park. Their initial encounter took place at the now-closed Coney Island bar, Place to Beach. In the beginning, Jazzy didn’t fully appreciate Chris’s fun-loving nature. However, Chris endeavored to win her over by treating her to drinks. Over time, their relationship blossomed, leading them to eventually move in together in New York.

The instructor’s ex-partner gave birth to a boy called Tristan:

2015 saw the birth of Jazzy Distefano’s first child with Chris Distefano. They named their daughter Delilah Distefano, who is their first child (age 7 as of 2022). Then, in 2021, Chris and Jazzy had their second child, which they named Violette Distefano (one year old as of 2022). Jazzy announced that she was a mother of two children on her Instagram profile while she was expecting her second child, Violette. Because they believed that Delilah was her first child with Chris, her supporters were stunned by her comments. In addition, Chris never had kids with his prior partner. Jazzy said in her essay that she did not exercise while carrying her first two children. She was expecting Violette, Chris’ second child, yet she continued to train and instruct classes.

In 2015, Jazzy DiStefano welcomed her first child with Chris DiStefano, a daughter named Delilah DiStefano, who is now 7 years old as of 2022. Subsequently, in 2021, the couple celebrated the arrival of their second child, Violette DiStefano, who is one year old as of 2022. The revelation that she was expecting her second child, Violette, and the announcement of being a mother of two came through Jazzy’s Instagram profile. This revelation surprised her followers as they had previously believed that Delilah was her first child with Chris. Notably, Chris did not have children with his previous partner. Jazzy mentioned in her essay that she refrained from exercising during her pregnancies with her first two children. However, during her pregnancy with Violette, Chris’ second child, she continued to engage in training and instruct classes.

Jazzy Distefano’s hubby was allegedly gay at one point:

Distefano’s current husband, Chris Distefano, allegedly came out as gay when he split up with fellow comedian Carly Aquilino. Chris wrote a tweet in November 2014 that prompted others to start speculating about his sexual orientation. Others continued to speculate, but the theories quickly proved to be untrue. Jazzy and Chris began dating the following year, in 2016. The following year, Chris and Jazzy had their first child. Chris is a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community despite not being gay.

Chris DiStefano, Jazzy DiStefano‘s present husband, reportedly faced speculation about his sexual orientation after his separation from fellow comedian Carly Aquilino. This speculation stemmed from a tweet Chris posted in November 2014, prompting discussions about his sexual orientation. Despite ongoing speculation, these theories were later disproven. Jazzy and Chris initiated their relationship in 2016, and the subsequent year saw the birth of their first child. It’s worth noting that Chris, although not gay, is a advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

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